Flat-Fee Milled Gold Restorations from Udell

Precision-milled in solid alloys from 3D CAD data, these crowns offer precise fit with a surface that requires less time to finish, reducing the chance of dimensional alteration in processing. Characterized and documented alloy blanks ensure alloy purity,  consistent density with no voids, and material certification for your patient records.
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Extreme strength observed in the teeth of limpets

limpet teeth

Studying naturally occurring materials may aid in the development of new man-made composites for the dental industry. as well as many other industries that use high strength materials.

Excerpt from BBC: “Engineers in the UK have found that limpets’ teeth consist of the strongest biological material ever tested. Limpets use a tongue bristling with tiny teeth to scrape food off rocks and into their mouths, often swallowing particles of rock in the process. The teeth are made of a mineral-protein composite, which the researchers tested in tiny fragments in the laboratory. They found it was stronger than spider silk, as well as all but the very strongest of man-made materials.”

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Valplast Flexible Partials – 3D digital modeling, manufacturing and repair.


Still an innovative product after many years of clinical use, Valplast is an excellent esthetic solution for the replacement of missing teeth where cost or physiological factors preclude fixed restorations. Valplast is biocompatable for patients with allergies to acrylics, and the level of comfort is superior to metal frameworks or other resin-based partials.

Udell Dental Laboratory was one of the earliest labs to incorporate 3D computer modeling and printing for flexible Valplast partials. Computer modeling has helped the lab to deliver precisely fitting partials that require less chair time for the dentist and a better experience for the patient.

Valplast-CAD_Capture_Left21 Valplast-CAD_Capture_Left_2

Proven through over 60 years of clinical use, Valplast material is strong, non-invasive and virtually invisible. Because Valplast partials use a tissue-bearing technique for retention, they are designed by highly skilled and experienced lab technicians who are trained to determine the precise set of undercuts needed to hold them comfortably in place.

Frame_RightView11 TryIn_617

Computer modeling aids the lab technician in identifying the location and depth of undercuts, allowing them to quickly design the denture for optimal retention. Technicians also have absolute control over material thickness and contouring, which is an improvement over physical fabrication with wax sheets and wires. The accuracy, consistency, and repeatability of computer modeling greatly reduces the time-consuming finishing steps such as grinding and polishing, and allows the laboratory to deliver comfortable restorations requiring fewer adjustments at the dentist’s office.

“Until recently, creating Valplast partials required the same 60-year old process of manually modeling in wax,” said Jeff Udell, CDT, president of Udell Dental Lab in St. Louis Park, MN. “… and in certain sensitive cases, we will continue to rely on traditional hand techniques to custom fit our Valplast partials. However, for the majority of cases computer modeling is the preferred process. The block out, thickness, and fit are extremely consistent for a great-fitting Valplast partial.”

TryIn_112 ValplastPartial_0425

As an added economic benefit to patients, Valplast partials can be repaired or adjusted even after years of use. Udell Dental Laboratory is one of the few laboratories that routinely provide Valplast alterations and repair for patients with changes in oral anatomy or damaged partials. In order to be reliable, repairs should be made only by a Valplast certified lab, using materials and techniques recommended by the manufacturer.

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Virtually Unbreakable… BruxZir Solid Zirconia from Udell Dental Laboratory

Udell Dental Laboratory is an authorized BruxZir Lab. Watch this video demonstration of the amazing strength of BruxZir Solid Zirconia crowns and bridges.

In addition to great strength, BruxZir also has improved light transmission compared with conventional milled zirconia material, resulting in more natural shade values. BruxZir is an esthetic alternative to metal occlusal PFMs and cast gold crowns and bridges.

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BruxZir and e.max clinical results at 3+ years


Prescribe BruxZir and e.max CAD
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BruxZir and e.maxCAD full-contour crowns on molars have demonstrated clinical service superior to all other tooth-colored materials studied clinically by TRAC over 39 years. To date, their service record resembles that of cast metal. Clinical service over three plus years has begun to answer many critical clinical questions, but important questions remain on possibility of phase change of zirconia in 100% humidity of the oral cavity, glaze use, service life, and failure mode. Status reports will be forthcoming as answers to these and other pertinent questions emerge through this study.