Valplast Flexible Partials – 3D digital modeling, manufacturing and repair at Udell Dental Laboratory

Today’s Top Dentists prescribe Valplast as the preferred material for flexible partial dentures. Still an innovative product after decades of clinical use, Valplast is an excellent esthetic solution for the replacement of missing teeth where cost or physiological factors preclude fixed restorations. Valplast is biocompatible for patients with allergies to acrylics, and the level of comfort is superior to metal frameworks or other resin-based partials.

Udell Dental Laboratory is an Advanced Certified Valplast laboratory.
We manufacture Valplast partials using 3D modeling and manufacturing technology. Digital modeling allows for fast and accurate control of material thickness, clasp placement, and detailing, vastly improving production time and ensuring consistent product quality.

Udell Dental Laboratory is one of the few laboratories that routinely provide Valplast alterations and repair for patients with changes in oral anatomy or damaged partials. Valplast can be repaired and re-lined using recommended techniques from the manufacturer. Other traditional repair processes will not work on Valplast partials due to differences in materials and techniques.

For More Information on Valplast call Udell Dental Laboratory!


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