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Extreme strength observed in the teeth of limpets

limpet teeth

Studying naturally occurring materials may aid in the development of new man-made composites for the dental industry. as well as many other industries that use high strength materials.

Excerpt from BBC: “Engineers in the UK have found that limpets’ teeth consist of the strongest biological material ever tested. Limpets use a tongue bristling with tiny teeth to scrape food off rocks and into their mouths, often swallowing particles of rock in the process. The teeth are made of a mineral-protein composite, which the researchers tested in tiny fragments in the laboratory. They found it was stronger than spider silk, as well as all but the very strongest of man-made materials.”

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Making teeth tough: Beavers show way to improve our tooth ename​l

Beavers don’t brush their teeth, and they don’t drink fluoridated water, but a new study reports beavers do have protection against tooth decay built into the chemical structure of their teeth: iron.

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