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BruxZir and e.maxCAD full-contour crowns on molars have demonstrated clinical service superior to all other tooth-colored materials studied clinically by TRAC over 39 years. To date, their service record resembles that of cast metal. Clinical service over three plus years has begun to answer many critical clinical questions, but important questions remain on possibility of phase change of zirconia in 100% humidity of the oral cavity, glaze use, service life, and failure mode. Status reports will be forthcoming as answers to these and other pertinent questions emerge through this study.



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Specimens of the zirconia products were more translucent at 0.5 mm thickness than at 1.0 mm thickness. At the 0.5 mm thickness, the translucency parameter ranged from 10.3 to 10.7, and BruxZir was significantly more translucent than the other three products. At the 1.0 mm thickness, the translucency parameter ranged from 7.1 to 7.8, and BruxZir was significantly more translucent than Zenostar Zr and Lava Plus. Translucency parameter was a function of wavelength when measured between 360-750 nm in reflection.

BruxZir Full Contour Crowns

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2014March_BruxZirCrowns_FullContour_$99BruxZir has improved light transmission compared with conventional milled zirconia material, resulting in more natural shade values. An esthetic alternative to metal occlusal PFMs and cast gold crowns and bridges.


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Researchers create coating material to prevent blood clots associated with implanted devices

A team of researchers from UCLA and the University of Michigan has developed a material that could help prevent blood clots associated with catheters, heart valves, vascular grafts and other implanted biomedical devices.

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Digital Full Dentures In 2 Appointments!

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It is now possible for patients to get full dentures in 2 appointments instead of 5 or more. The AvaDent Digital Denture System requires training in a new technique for taking impressions, so that all information is recorded by the doctor, and sent with the impressions and prescription. The impression technique and 3D design process allow the exact replication of the patient’s natural rugae, and the designer can precisely control the thickness of the denture for a more natural feel.

The dentures are milled from pre-shrunk disks of acrylic, so there is no shrinkage as with traditional dentures. The fit is precise on the first try. The high density acrylic disks are uniformly produced in a controlled process so the “monomer taste” of the newly-mixed acrylic denture material is reduced.

With the AvaDent process, partial dentures and implant-secured dentures can also be milled from your impressions.

AvaDent_ConversionDenture_ProvisionalHybrid.jpg  AvaDent_MilledHybridProsthesis
Digital dentures are close to becoming a reality.
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What Is In Your Mouth? The Issues…

Understand the importance of choosing a Certified Dental Laboratory (CDL) for high quality dental restorations.

The ability of dentists to deliver a high standard of care in restorative and cosmetic dentistry is enhanced by working with a laboratory that has undergone 3rd party certification. Working with a Certified Dental Lab will assure that your restorations are manufactured by or under the guidance of Certified Dental Technicians. Certification is a voluntary process, and is the dentist’s added assurance that the lab is committed to providing quality products and services that comply with regulatory requirements for material quality and traceability.

Poorly-made dental restorations – whether made in America or abroad – can lead to a range of health consequences for patients, and in turn, legal consequences for dentists. To ensure better outcomes for safe dental restorations, it is extremely important that dentists and patients have a full understanding of where their dental restorations are coming from and what materials are used in the process.

In the USA, domestic dental laboratories remain unregulated in more than 40 states. Some companies call themselves domestic dental laboratories, and receive prescriptions shipped from dentists all across the US, but in reality they produce nothing, but serve as a front for companies producing outside the USA.

Dental restorations increasingly are being imported from countries like China, India and Vietnam. Depending on the country, those dental laboratories may not be subject to the same scrutiny that domestic laboratories receive from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Optimized implant coating promises to reduce infection and promote better integration with bone

Researchers at Aalto University in Finland have developed a new surface treatment for “porous” dental and orthopedic implants that discourages the adhesion and growth of bacteria to reduce infection. The durable new coating is an improvement over current technology, and allows the porous surface of the titanium implant to integrate with bone in an optimal way.

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