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Flat-Fee Milled Gold Restorations from Udell

Precision-milled in solid alloys from 3D CAD data, these crowns offer precise fit with a surface that requires less time to finish, reducing the chance of dimensional alteration in processing. Characterized and documented alloy blanks ensure alloy purity,  consistent density with no voids, and material certification for your patient records.
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Digital Full Dentures In 2 Appointments!

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It is now possible for patients to get full dentures in 2 appointments instead of 5 or more. The AvaDent Digital Denture System requires training in a new technique for taking impressions, so that all information is recorded by the doctor, and sent with the impressions and prescription. The impression technique and 3D design process allow the exact replication of the patient’s natural rugae, and the designer can precisely control the thickness of the denture for a more natural feel.

The dentures are milled from pre-shrunk disks of acrylic, so there is no shrinkage as with traditional dentures. The fit is precise on the first try. The high density acrylic disks are uniformly produced in a controlled process so the “monomer taste” of the newly-mixed acrylic denture material is reduced.

With the AvaDent process, partial dentures and implant-secured dentures can also be milled from your impressions.

AvaDent_ConversionDenture_ProvisionalHybrid.jpg  AvaDent_MilledHybridProsthesis
Digital dentures are close to becoming a reality.
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Udell Dental Laboratory – a Certified IPS e.max Lab

Udell Dental Laboratory is an IPS e.max Center with Advanced Certification in e.max Press and e.max CAD.  IPS e.max is a highly esthetic material suited for all restoration types.  We have used e.max since its introduction, and we feel very confident in endorsing it.  In our experience, our cases using IPS e.max materials have had the lowest incidence of remakes than any other product we sell.  

In the dental industry, the scientific data speaks for itself:  “10 years of clinical evidence, over 40 million restorations, and a 98.2% survival rate”.  For Udell Dental Laboratory, the esthetics, high strength, and predictable shade matching make IPS e.max a material of choice for even difficult combination cases.

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